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Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 8:45 pm
by alangraham
Hey folks...

So ... I have been meaning to post an update on the IRN BUG beetle for quite some time. She's doing just grand!
As is the usual, I've not done as much as I'd have liked... but in the last few months I've really enjoyed having her around.

You may notice that the front beam looks particularly shiny - courtesy of Kev on here I got a coil-over-shock beam around, uh, Christmas 2016. After tripping over it for about a year in the lockup I realised I wasn't ever gonna find the time to fit it, so it was sent to a friend's garage in Bonnybridge (Auto Doctor) to get the work done. The ride is a little bit stiffer now, but what's tons better is how it reacts to bumps mid-corner, as it feels far more planted and grippy up front.

Other things ... I finally found a decent Stinger exhaust, and had some mirrors made by Life's Adventure Overland in Devon, which means I finally have a passenger-side mirror!

With the front end grippier and now with discs up front, I think it's maybe time I turned my attention to the slightly wheezy old engine :)

Re: IRN BUG Lives

Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:27 am
by Macmac
Looking healthy

Re: IRN BUG Lives

Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 10:09 am
by stevenvw
Love it!!